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Logan Ryan

Logan is a professional football cornerback for the Tennessee Titans. He was drafted in 2013 by the New England Patriots where he spent four seasons and won two Super Bowls. Logan has always been an animal lover, but discovered a passion for animal welfare when he himself became a dog owner. Logan uses his platform as a professional athlete to promote adoption, responsible pet ownership and other animal welfare initiatives. Logan and his wife, Ashley, have two dogs, Nala and Leo, and a two-year old daughter, Avery. In his free time, Logan enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games, and yoga.

Follow Logan on Instagram @RealLoganRyan and Twitter @RealLoganRyan

Ashley Ryan

Ashley has been involved in animal welfare for over 5 years, working with shelters and rescues in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Arizona, and now, Tennessee. When she and Logan adopted their second dog Leo, they were surprised by the training obstacles that came with acclimating another dog into their home. Ashley developed a passion for dog behavior and training and is now a certified professional dog trainer and the owner of Ryan Canine Consulting. Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to new places and cuddling with her dogs!

Nala Ryan

Nala was the Ryan’s first dog, a pug-beagle mix who is full of personality! She has traveled all over the country with Logan and Ashley. From college in New Jersey to a new adventure in Tennessee, Nala has been part of the Ryan’s journey every step of the way! Nala enjoys sleeping 20 hours a day, going for car rides, and getting what she wants! She is the true queen of the Ryan household and makes sure everything goes according to plan!

Leonardo Ryan

Logan and Ashley adopted their pitbull-type-dog, Leo, in 2014. Leo is known for his clumsy demeanor and love of people! He’s had a tough run of luck in the medical department, enduring five leg surgeries in just three years, but that doesn’t take away from his zest for life. Leo enjoys food, bonding with his human sister and sleeping upside down on the couch. This goofy boy has more nicknames than you can count, including Nardo, Nards, King Leo, Bubba, Big Blue, and more!

Julius Ryan

Julius is a senior pittie with no eyes adopted in January 2018. Though we don't know exactly how or why Julius lost his eyes, we know he is still a gentle, sweet dog who doesn't let it slow him down. Julius LOVES going for walks and even jogs with Logan! He could easily win a napping (or snoring) contest and you can usually find him in one of his many dog beds or soaking up the sun outside.

Julius fuels our passion for rescue day in and day out. He is a perfect example of why we do what we do!

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