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photo credit Don Jones

On Saturday, August 4th we hosted a PUP RALLY at Nissan Stadium in conjunction with the Titans and the Nashville Humane Association. 16 pups were adopted that day!

We decided that we would give another push for the pups that attended...and maybe even a few more! We pledged that for Sunday, August 5th, we would pay the adoption fee for any of the dogs that were not adopted from the Pup Rally. And then we took things one step further...RARF pledge to pay the adoption fee of any and all adult dogs that were adopted that day as well!

We are excited and proud to say that 40 dogs were adopted in just two days!

40 dogs, 40 happy families.

There are still a few pups from the rally looking for homes! Check out blog post for pictures, maybe YOU will be their forever home!

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